Friday, March 30, 2007

jana tha Chennai , magar gaye Mysore

Nope .. not coz we boarded the wrong flight or train , coz it was a bandh in TN where ppl were protesting against the Supreme courts decision to STAY the OBC quota in IIT's and IIM's based on some outdated sensus taken in 1931(!!!).. the whole Nation mourns the anarchy prevalent in India at the moment (yeah rite!)...

We for once had booked our tickets to Chennai this time (the first time we went by Indian Railways, without ticket and the second time we went with ticket in Unreserved sitting near the *ahem ahem* restrooms (WTF TOILETS) ... so not wanting to do an encore this time, we bukd our tickets and were all rearing to go !

We came to know of this on Friday morning (abt the BANDH) and then there was a heated discussion at home, I tried to sit on the fence (according to Bullshee 'la IIM GD style' ) and wen he said that i said bluntly "nope me not coming" and also put in (u guys should go no matter wat! just to rub it in) .. and I left for office grumbling .. my other roomies sat and slept and ate on it .. and by afternoon i got an SMS - " tickets cancelled .. total loss per person 124 bucks" .. i could only smile ( i mean GRIN).

in between all tat i had already bukd my ticket on the trip to Mysore with my branch mates, they had almost dropped the trip due to lack of 'participation' ! So our trip 'defectors' (there were 3 of us who jumped ship) we were on our way to Mysore ..

well the whole thing was well planned by Devassy ( a dumb friend of mine who got a GATE rank of 17 in the ELECTRONICS category after studying EEE for 4 years) -- but the one thing he could not account for was that the major 'attractions' were in itself not quite up to scratch .. the two best things abt the trip were -

1. The mysore palace security guys catching me and Fahad for allegedly trying to sneak out fotos of the interior ( u are not supposed to take fotos inside) and carry out some terrorist attacks there (!!!) .. I was not aware that Fahad was so much into fotographing palaces, but I was busy talking to my roomie who is in the US .. he had called (ISD u c ) .. the security guy interrupts

SG: hey u there, stop .. why are u using the mobile inside the palace??
me: *hear wat he said and do an 'area scoot' (learnt from Mambu) .. and go to the another corner of the room (palatial room ie) and start talking again ..

SG: (hell, that guy was persistent.. he was jogging towards me now.. ) U there , STOP u !@#$ .. give me the phone ..
Me: *shit i am in trouble* .. leave my gang .. run to the next room, mingle with the crowd..phew that was close !

SG: *jumps in from nowhere* ESCAPE, ESCAPE and then some kannada expletives and catches me by the collar and brings me to the crime scene ..(were i was talking in the first place)

FAHAD has already been cornered and is trying in vain to convince them that he did not do anything wrong .. I pass my mobile to Devassy and also try to convince the guy that i was not using any fone ..(!!!!)

after a lot of cajoling and explaining .. he is still not sure and wants to take me to the Security office and register some complaint and also confiscate the Mobile .. thats wen Shimna comes in ..the only girl in the gang . and the SG asks her
SG: wat do you say madam ?? (OMG )
Shimna : sir, please leave them this time ..(a friend in need is a friend in deed .. thanks shimna) * i almost thought she would say, take them to the gallows*

and voila the SG left us without any cases .. another classic case of GIRL power on display ..

anyway for once we were not complaining .. went on with the sight seeing .. (lotsa foreigners were there .. *grin*)

the second one worth mentioning revolved around April 1st and the arrest of some Siddharammiah in Mysore .. will write abt that later ..


Thanku said...

paapi chellunidam paathalam ..nee chennaiyil pooyalendhu mysoril pooyalendhu...

raghav said...

@thanku: does that go for 741/45 as well ??

Bullshee said...

The problem wasn't that you were on the fence. One minute you were way over the fence and building a house there and the next minute you were using a pole vault to jump to the other side!

As per Olympic committee ruling on fencing and fence sitting this is a Section 4 Para 5.e violation, hence the opposition from the other players.....

Hence the saying "Oru thonniyil ninnu matte thonniyilleku chaadan nokaruthu....when it is in the middle of the kayal"

raghav said...

@BULLSHEE: hmm ... nice that you know all those rules .. but maybe u should also consider the fact that this was the first statement i made on that Friday morning .. and it was " yes i want to go" .. then I thought abt all those things that happ in the previous two trips to chennai .. and there i was pole-vaulting to the other side ..( i prefer this pole vaulting to actually sitting in the toilets of the Indian Railways) .. but yeah I could have handled the situation better .. will take this constructively .. CHEERS

Your friendly neighbourhood psychopath said...

@ raghav : u went with shimna !!!!!! no one ever told me that...... guyz community here comes the next post ... hehehehe

@ bullshee : good to know that u have been reading books other than "Cricket for Dummies" .... man u know all the rules off by heart.... way to go bullshee...