Saturday, April 28, 2007

A positive

A positive : - Kudos to the Aussies who have yet again won the world cup, they have a way of making a mockery of the finals every time .. first it was pakistan, then India and now Sri Lanka. I commiserate dear Lankans , guess the kangaroos were too much for the Lankan tigers to digest.

If that 'Island' ( i meant Australia) could have been banned from playing WC finals .. the last thee world cups would have been won by the sub continent 'so called giants' . one for each of 'em.. guess the next final would be between Bangladesh and Australia .. *fingers crossed*

A positive: second meaning .. yeah yeah .. thats my blood group .. so if u see me in a hospital bed saying .. " muzhe thoda blood chahiye,mera gala sookh raha hai" please you know which flavour I want!

and as an afterthought: i got through IIM A .. IIM A ( let me check that once again so that I can be sure I am not dreaming) *refresh the page once again*

guess that would classify as a positive, or would it ? ( rhetorical Q, please don't bother answering that one!)

Would like to thank all the well wishers, ppl who prayed for me, ppl who guided me, prepared me for the interviews. Thanks a lot ..

Roomies, all said and done.. no1 can clear even his kindergarden series tests ( do they have one?) if the roomies conspire against that person .. thankfully my roomies were busy conspiring on how to empty my coffers once i get in .. thanks a lot dudes for all those tied knots .. those long hours of 'forced' silence and abstinence from Television.
special thanks to all the 'candle lighters' .. somehow I feel those candles are magical .. thanks Tommy!
Also to the 'transporter' .. for porting me to the venues and waiting there to bring me back also !

and yeah would like to thank HIM .. without him nothing would have happened .. thanks a lot GOD ! I owe you one .. :)
would like to ask just one more favor from HIM .. let all those 'treat mongering' friends suffer from 'treatophobic amnesia' .. :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Curtains will soon be drawn on the world cup, where everyone expected it to be a 'grand finale', there are more than enough pointers to indicate that this would be yet another 'we came-we saw- we won' world cup for the australians. you ask me what pointers?? here goes:

1. The ardent and irrepressible Cricket fans have gone silent, SetMax has been all but tuned out. My roomies prefer watching Mallu serials and Discovery channel to sitting and watching (yet another) annihilation by the aussies or for that matter seeing 'India glorious' on ESPN. (tired of seeing the same matches over and over again! did India win only these many matches??)

2. The sports page in Papers is filled with some golfing exploits of an ethnic african whose great grand father was an Indian ( we indians have a tendency to tag anyone worthwhile as Indian, if we can ie)

3. The ads in between overs (yeah we do watch the matches sometimes) are pathetic. Seen the BINGO ads anyone ?? (vaaango -poooongo-bingo!) *aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh*

4. My roomie discussses 'globalization' and 'quota issues' over dinner (yeah I know its not relevant .. but couldnt help it) *grin*

5. There is a sense of respect for the Bangladesh team all of a sudden. they are Minnows no more .. wait maybe we could reclassify Indians in that case .. how about 'whipping boys' of world cricket?

Wait, I sound like some delusioned fan who is venting his anger just because of the one-off defeat at the hands of Bangladesh. hmm . maybe I am .. and yes it hurts hurts to see an 'island' thats maybe 1/50 the size of India and is also split in half by the LTTE producing such sublime cricketers and entering the world cup final, whereas the BCCI convenes a 'meeting' and decides to sack the coach (wat can he do ? teach those superstars how to hold a bat?) and 'rest' the senior players and prepare for the enormous 'battle' against Bangladesh. Sad .. real sad.

All things said and done, have to admit there would be more viewership to the India-Bangladesh match (if its shown on DD) than for the world cup final ! Thats Indian fans my friends .. yeah thats US (yup I am one of 'em allrite)

Afterthought: all the best to South Africa and if that doesnt work - to Sri lanka ..cmon make a fist of it .. make me eat 'humble pie' .. well everyone cheers for the Underdogs, dont we!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Me-Myself ( and Irene)

Have been reading a book : 'Blink' . am still reading it so cant say definitively as to what the author says, but from what I have read I inferred the following:

No matter how much we sit and analyse,think and break our head over an issue or problem, our own sub(un) conscious mind would have already SHOUTED out the solution within a blink of an eye. We just dont listen to what it says , maybe it sounds like Mr Suresh Kumars voice - a prof who had the privilege of teaching me during my college days (!).

Well If I were to somehow acquire the required expertise and cunningness using which I could decipher what my alter-ego yells at me, then I would be in a quandary. Have always believed in the dictum " do what you think is right" . Now things would get a bit difficult- which part of me do I listen to - my subconscious mind or my rational thinking, analytical Conscious brain?

lets take an eg:
I see a girl in the mall, whom I so badly want to hit on ( u might think i am really desperate, wel I am! )
my subconscious mind tells me : go for it buddy, after all she has eyes only for u !

my conscious mind says: look dude, she has eyes only for u - she is glowering at u ! she has a boyfriend who looks lik all that you are not - tall, handsome and more importantly has a 6ft 6'' frame. She has been on a shopping spree for the last 8 hours ( not good news for my wallet)

Which of these 'voices' would you like to hear ? The one that gets you beaten up, bruised,bankrupt and running for cover. Or the one that gives u the sensible option, a boring time at the mall and err some more boring hours afterwards!

I would prefer both .. atleast I get to make a choice, next time I say " abe, she looked at me, chal follow karte hain .. listen its not the quixotic valentine inside me thats doing the talking, its my subconscious brain!!"

Well everyone is here to make a difference, to do something unique. Irrespective of which voice we listen to, we will end up on a fork on the road and will have to make a choice ( la Matrix) .. just be sure that you dont mess up at that time ..
still in doubt?? well I have a solution for that also : " when in doubt, act DUMB"

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Waiting . . .

Yes I am still waiting for a reply from that female , and NO a simple "hi kaise ho" scrap on ORKUT does NOT count as a reply.
If you think I spend the whole day in office peeling off the rose petals and saying " she loves me, she loves me not" get a grip on it .. i am not brooding over that, not yet anyway.

When are your results coming? That is the only Question that people want to ask me nowadays. even my mamaji's chachaji's nephew's new born sons kindergarden friend asks me that very question !
Pehle pehle to it was similar to " how are you? how was the weekend ? " kind of questions but after a certain threshold it gets under the skin. It was so irritating that I sat down and instead of reading all the blogs and tabloids and economictimes (kya kare aadat se bechar hoon) I sit and think why do they ask me this question. I raked my brains and came with the plausible conclusions

1.My teammates- " They see me as an 'outsider' now and want me to be where I belong ( no not IIM) ie OUTSIDE ! "

2. company ppl -"they empathise with me and want to alleviate the pain that I am suffering by sittin on my bum the whole day counting the number of ppl who peep into my cube and sulk away when they see me grinning at them. '

3. Friends - " Friends being friends , wishing me well , want to see me doing something worthwhile for a change" (yeah rite .. they want the treat !! everything else comes later!)

4. Roomies : " they really wish me well and want me to do well and blah blah" ( get out so that we can fag inside the house and dont have to worry abt ur 'tantrums' !! and also the treat )

Hope I make it through this time esp coz I don't want to break so many hearts ( and MINE).

Every time I hear some1 ask me that question, I know any reply that I give could be misconstrued as being presumptuous, cocky, arrogant or dismissive depending on the 'Pakaoo' answers that I give them ..

Wait .. waiting *raps fingers on the table*.. still waiting ..
"time is one thing that I have in plenty but patience is definitely not my cup of tea .."

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Much Ado about Nothing

Always knew I was never good with the one liners, but was under the impression that I could hold my own once it come s to a proper 'conversation', just wen u think things cant get any worse, fate conspires to take u down - way down !

I had been to Hyderabad this weekend, my sister graduated from ISB and is officialy an MBA grad now! (time for the pocket money to trickle in hopefully). Back to the point .. nope I was not overawed by the dazzling articulate grads at ISB but by a female whom I met at the airport.

She was there at the airport on Friday as well wen we were supposed to board the train err flight to Hyderabad. She was really in a hurry that day so .. *grin*

She was behind me in the check in counter in the Hyderabad airport.

me: hi, were u by any chance there in the Friday flight from blore ?

EB : yeah I was ..

we talk a little more and just as we were warming up to each other ..

Tring tring .. SANKAR calls asking me to come to the gate so that he can come inside ( we had bukd tickets together)

conversation breaks ... and then he comes, I introduce him,(he has more hair than she had !)

She is impressed by Sankar. (IBM and GRE and I suspect coz of his hair , or is it her lack of it ?). Time passes by and soon its time to board. We get in and I ditch Sankar and sit with her (had to continue the conversation rite!)

We talked about almost everything she was interested in : books, dance, singing and all that .. she cribbed about her TL ( I wanted to do the same, but restrained myself) she kept telling me Hyderabad is better than blore and her new room was painted 'sky blue' and that she slapped guys for time pass ( I shifted to the far end of my seat at this point of time)!

Well all said and done (read as HEARD) we reached Blore airport and I was waiting for her to at least hint about exchanging phone numbers (or mail ids) .. seeing things were not going to plan :

Me: how do u like the Moto Razr ? (hoping she would give me her number or at least get a hint)
her: My bro give me the phone as a gift, I don't like it very much though ! FULL STOP !
Me : err .. cool

I had to go pick up a pretty heavy suitcase that my sister gave me as her graduation gift to me (loads of USELESS buks) and as I wait for that gift I can see her walking away ... *sigh*

wait .. she turns back-comes towards us -looks at Sankar and smiles and asks him

her: " hope u had a nice flight and slept nicely "
Sankar: yeah, how did you know I was sleeping ?
Me : (he was sitting two rows in front of us , no way she could have seen him )
her : Oh, her voice trails off ..

she turns to me and says a perfunctory bye and whooosh .. shes GONE !

Later I found out that between all the drama (melodrama) I had taken the wrong 40 kilo suitcase and dragged my shoes all the way home .. The owner called me up and asked me to come bak to the airport (with the suitcase ofcourse) ...
Ego buster huh ... but not giving up on her though, have found her out on Orkut. next attack to be launched pretty soon *grin*

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dumb Dumber Dumbest

Just watch the video on the top and you can vote for the AMERICAN you think is the dumbest ( no offense BULLSHEE )

ps : does look like its just a 'show' but it was too good to resist !

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


why do we have etiquttes and 'manners'? why do we have to follow them even wen we dont feel like it ?
Ever felt lik " i wanna be myself" .. seen ppl fritter and get fidgety wen they know that they are being 'watched' and trying (pathetically) to do wat they have been TAUGHT is right ! why ?

Let me live the way I want to live. I dont feel lik saying 'good morning' to every moron I meet in office. No i dont feel lik holding the lift so that the obnoxious looking fat guy can delay me another 30 seconds (!!) and I dont want to send 'formal' mails to my manager even though he sits a stones throw away from me .. ( i know coz I have contemplated throwing that STONE at him ! )

Why do we have to wear blazers, full sleeve shirts and shoes (with socks) for interviews ? (if the interviewers are impressed by that why dont they also wear that shit to the interview room ??)

Why do some tasks always have a 'right' way of doing it ??

AND : why do I suffer from an acute hair loss even after trying al 'solutions' ??

I wonder I wonder ... I am still wondering ..

ps: lucky me that there is no 'right' way to blog ... or is there ? (who the hell cares anyway !)