Friday, December 19, 2008

We came, she smiled and he fell for it

Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, Singapore, Trivandrum, Bangalore: traveling to more than 6 cities and meeting more than 50 friends in the last 15 days, I have been down the memory lane so many times I have realized that the more I go down that road, the more vivid and more pleasurable it becomes... I thought I would let you people get a sneak preview into these journeys, for more details .. err Contact ME :)


Kondu, Bullshee and ME embarked on the first international trip amidst a lot of speculation that we would scoot at the last moment and that going international is a frontier a bit too far.. well we proved them wrong and we had a helluva time. I agree Spore is smaller than Bangalore, hell I heard it is smaller than trivandrum.. but believe me in terms of entertainment quotients it has more to offer than all 4 metros combined! well maybe I am exaggerating, but again you did not have the opportunity to see Bullshee in action. Let me give you one excerpt:

First night in Singapore and we venture into the first bar that comes our way. One cute waitress comes to take the order and she (un)knowingly smiles at Bullshee. Bullshee smiled back at her and grinned his infamous 'kaamaprandha chiri' (amorous grin) and she grinned back him and said 'Nanri' ( thank you in Tamil) .. and from first principles we came to the conclusion that the waitress had to be pitch drunk to something so foolhardy ... well, little did we know..

Waitress: Hey, Can I get you ppl something *burp*

BS: Yeah, get us a jug of beer

waitress comes back with the beer and smiles again and mumbles something, comes up to us with a small glass of her own and pours some beer into the glass and says cheers!
bullshee for people who do not know him is very possessive about two things: his bike and his beer and his girl(when he finds one)
Bullshee doesn't even notice this while Kondu is completely pissed off and is worried about the waitress asking for one of his ciggys next ..
meanwhile Bullshee introduces himself: Hey call me KK .. ( yeah you heard me right, K and then another K)
Me and kondu mumble our rather unpronounceable Indian names ( according to Bullshee, these pretty damsels cannot pronounce the letter R) after which the waitress giggles and mentions her name- Sharon ... Bullshee is out for the count, in 7th heaven and is chanting her name .. sharon, shaaron .. shaaaaaron !
He even tried teaching her some Mallu vernacular, leveraging on her limited Tamil vocabulary( she knew only one word in tamil .. nanri .. bullshee tried to convert that into Nanni) trying to increase the the compatibility and parental acceptance levels...

Many jugs of beer later interspersed with multiple chanting of sharon, sharon ... Sharon was back with the bill .. Bullshee pounced on the bill, took out his wallet and flashed a $50 note .. the conniving waitress brings back the change, smiles at Bullshee and said "Nanri, KK" .. and that is when all hell broke loose, Bullshee threw all the money from his wallet in the direction of Sharon, and started thumping his chest and started crooning and dancing in Elvis priesley sshtyle, " take all my money, darling .. I just want you to call me .. KK"

yeah, we lost a lot of money, but that performance was worth hundred times more than any live concert I have been to .. what happened to Bullshee's and Sharon's love story, u ask .. well, I be damned if I know .. Kondu and I were too busy collecting all the cash that Bullshee had showered around Sharon !

There was also the 'topless bus", HOOTERS bar, sunday evening pick me ups in clarks quay, the awesome water and gravity defying frisbee sessions at Sentosa, brainstorming sessions to feed the pesky kids in the backseat to the lions ... but all that pales in front of this incident .. believe me this set the tone for the entire trip .. Bullshee YOU ROCK !