Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Home sweet home

Its good to be home ,I mean its good to be BACK home .. Esp. for reasons lik u dont have to walk 2 km to get your food(and u dont have to pay exhorbitant rates either!), dont have to clean the room, no office, no worries abt the laundry, or for anything else for that matter.

I had all this in mind wen I literally conned my manager into letting me take the two days off to come down to tvm. Must be his 'baddua' (or for that matter my team-mates who had to share the extra work coz of my Scooooooooot) , but I somehow managed to fall ill and waste the hard earned vacation: having to lie down the whole day without anything edible to eat (who said medicines are edible!!), no TV (damn the doctor) and yeah no pool table get-together with friends , I am hoping Bullshee will update me on that one though ..

well not to be outdone by anyone's 'buddua', I finally came up with a plan to actually not leave tvm with atleast a days enjoyment, and originally slated to return on Tuesday morning, I yet again fell sick and called office saying "I will come in ...*cough* only on Thursday *cough*(!!) " somehow got the leave sanctioned and was pretty eager to start the 'njoyment' .. but alas, all my friends had already left the place and the ones who remained had to go to 'work' .. WTF ! Even my pretty 'next door neighbour' was busy with college exams (or thats wat she told me).. so u can imagine how frustrating it ought to be for me to sit for TWO MORE days doing nothing worthwhile .. *sigh*
Am actually happy that I am coming bak to work tomm, atleast I would be doing something ..(on second thoughts no way!) Managers please note - give ppl vacations like these and it is a possibility that they might end up working better than ever! ( nah .. i have already bukd the tickets for the Easter holidays .. so dont let any wrong ideas into ur brain .. )


Bullshee said...

"dont have to clean the room, no office, no worries abt the laundry"
WTF??! When have you ever Cleaned our room!!! For that matter who has EVER cleaned our room?!Fraud!
P.S-Pooled with Kunji.....
P.P.S-Even you can't eat anything,don't forget the goodies!

-Roomie BS

nasia said...

very sorry that u fell ill.. yet i feel its way better to fall ill wen ur mom is around than alone in an alien city..