Tuesday, March 13, 2007

C - (anti)climax

The final interview of the ordeal (yeah attending 6 interviews HAS to be described lik that) was on the 13th -yeah it was Calcutta ..

The GD was good ... we were asked to discuss abt a low cost airlines and its problems with overbooking .. I had many personal opinions based on the air-deccan fiasco(s) so was able to hold my own in the GD .. all in all it was gud , we were asked to summarize orally .. that was also ok ..

The interview: I went in 4th ..

there were 3 ppl this time in the Panel .. P1 P2 and P3
P1: leads me into the room and shows me to the HOTSEAT
P2: ok, introduce yourself ..
Me: start off with the long by-hearted 'introduce yourself' answer ..

P1: interrupts and asks some arbit question ..

Me: i mumble some answer .. and am not sure whether to start all over again or to continue .. and i decide to start all over again .. *grin* .. keep going for around 90 secs .. and then my prep answer is abt to end. I say, "..., my hobbies include Playing futball, tennis, violin and singing" !!

P3: yeah .. sing us a song, we are really bored .. so please sing us a song..
Me: *trapped* . sir I am not into classical music and al ..

P3: well sing me a film song ..
Me: hmm .. ok .. err .. WTF .. yessir .. sing him a SONG .. 4 lines .. and in the end of it .. they actually clapped .. (i am sure it was meant to be sarcastic .. but ignorance is bliss in these cases)

P2: ok, wat do u think makes a great business leader ?
Me: blah blah .. loads of Bullshit (oops thats my roomies proprietary .. but guess he wont sue me for this .. ) *grin*

P2: ok then name one successful bussiness Indian Leader ?
Me: *rake my brain* .. dhirubhai Ambani ..

P2: he is dead .. name a living one ..
Me: err .. *scratch my head* .. Infy boss . narayanamoorthy (i dont even know how to spell his name .. )

P2: he is retired .. do u know who took his place ?
Me : (i dont even know he is retired how would I know who replaced him .. ) err sir .. i am not able to recollect the name .. (!!)

P2: ok .. then . name another person .
Me: azim Premji .. WIPRO head .. *smile*

P3: ok , name 6 people whom you are comparing him with ?
Me: (dont hear it properly) start naming companies ..
P2: interrupts. and says name people ..
Me: name STEVE JOBS and Bill gates ..

P1: takes over .. asks me abt the condition of futball in India .. how to improve and all that ..
Me: the same Q was asked at my IIM A interview .. so was better prepared than last time .. so gave them a pretty comprehensive answer .. the whole discussion took around 10 minutes ..

P2: comes bak into the Interview .. and says .. I have an imp Q to ask u . u said Steve JObs .. why do u think he is a great leader ..
Me: *gulp* .. sir .. i will move from an eg to the generic .. Talk abt the iPhone ..

P2: asks abt the selling points of iphone ..
Me: name around 5 -6 ..
P2: asks the price range ..
Me: 500 -600 dollars ..
P2: ok , I can get all these features for the same money on nokia or Moto, why Iphone ..
Me: sir, luks have a major selling point .. give the example of Moto Razr (say no features but sold 70 million units ..) Everyone laughs ..
P2: so what is Moto doing to counter the threat by Iphone ..
Me: name the drawbacks of iphone ..
P2: see you are contradicting yourself . you said Steve Jobs is a great leader and now u say that his product is worthless .. so wat does that mean ?
Me: *shit* sir .. i meant sir .. err ..err .. sir the market for Iphone and Moto is diff .. so there is no conflict .. thats wat I meant > *lame smile*

P3: ok .. thanks a lot you can leave now ..
Me: thank U sir ..

well no acads .. but Steve Jobs .. I have to learn to keep my mouth shut wen I dont know anything abt wat I am being asked .. *hindsight, nah .. al the interviews are over .. why bother changing*

yeah its great to be back to the lazy old self .. no more magazines reading ..no more editorials ( god knows how I read all that) and no more Thereja .. !!! its good to be back .. and yeah if u are reading this .. welcome to the world of "employed but workless (worthless??) " gang of ppl ..


Thanku said...

Kewl .. enjoy the world cup ..tension free..You read the editorial today ...Was too good man..

Bullshee said...

Roommates what??!@##$@!!
Okay enough IIM posts-now talk real life baby!!!screw someone verbally(not me!)

raghav said...

@bullshee: aye aye sire! yeah .. had to finish off the whole series, and yeah real life, hmmm .. yeah have a lot to write abt .. will do that next time onwards !

Bullshee said...

yes....lets hear abt ur lovelife!![:D]

This blogs gonna be populated with the females from then on!

Ajith said...

Read ur A,B,C experiences..I would say, C will work out definitely...All the best for A.. Ur B experience was like both u and panelists were playing devil's advocate a bit too much :)..

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!