Saturday, April 12, 2008

Photo Faux Pas

This blog reminds me of a crazy incident that happened to me long time back ..

My school gang was meeting at some restaurant to have lunch and catch up on the latest gossip ( and create some more) .. and there across the floor sat one very beautiful girl ( and as it always happens she was there with her boyfriend and other friends who looked like they were ready to kill her boyfriend to get their chance) .. All the straight males in the gang ( me included of course) started drooling all over her, but given the number of her boyfriends sitting with her, that was how far we were going to get ...

And then we hit upon this crazy idea of getting her foto and after a lot of attempts ( which were in no way discreet) we succeeded ( no points for guessing who was the main protagonist (!!) in this whole scene)

--->> fast forward one whole year ------>>

I am sitting with my girlfriend ( now don't ask which one) and there enters her 'best friend' and surprise surprise its a face I remember vaguely ( yeah, right) and to my astonishment that friend remembers MY face vividly... you can only imagine ( or.. can you ?) how the conversation would have proceeded from there onwards .. thankfully it was short and to the point and embarrassing to say the least !

In the end I was left wondering about two things :

first : Why do the girl friends best friend always have to be the 'super hot' female who looks 10 times hotter than ur own girlfriend and make you feel like u make the wrong choice ..

the second one was : Where the hell did I store the photo that we took that day ???


Dipika said...

haha! well,atleast she did'nt catch u stalking... And no,not all hot women walk around with a boorish/buck-toothed best friend...unless you're confusing with the self-conscious,confidence less variety,that crave attention for being generally better-looking! That's a screwed up power struggle,and women with serious issues!!:D In any case,my girlfriends are all sophisticated,beautiful women,and that is'nt to say i'm the black sheep in that crowd ;)

Xérès said...

boy o boy ! this is such a typical situation where you'd land up in :D

Bullshee said...

girlfriend???????????????? Excuse meeeeeeeee!!!!!!????

megha said...

aha .... nice situation ..

i'd love to see you in one such situation agian ..:P

Shrutz said...

It's simple.

MSN groups. :P I remember you discussing this with me. And FYI, the guy was not her boyfriend, but her friend's boyfriend.

Anphy said...

u r tagged

Ajith said...

so, finally did u find that photo :P ?