Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'broken' experiences

I know I have been really late in posting here. Initially it was the work pressure: coming from the s/w industry where i worked shorter hours than a govt employee, this was a rude shock to me.

Gradually the pressure lifted (atleast for ppl like me who thought it would be wise to just side step and enjoy the two years out here .. )

there are so many things to write about: my first term, first week, t nite, summers, the dorm parties and teh dorm naming ceremony etc etc . the list goes on and on and on ..

but the inspiration to blog comes for totally different reasons,

I just heard two very interesting stories from a friend of mine regarding HER life experience:

story 1

She is walking down a pretty busy street trying desperately to ignore the stares of a particular man who kept rotating his head as the sunflower might in case the sun attempted to flee all of a sudden.. In her desperate attempt to get away from that place, she ended up breaking up her slippers. Totally dazed at her good luck, she tried in vain to flag down an auto ( murphy's law: when u need an auto, there are many coming ur way but all of them are ALWAYS occupied) .. she looked around for a cobbler who might be able to fix it for her ( so she claims) and then ... ok lets save tat for later ...

what would you ppl have done ?

- waited patiently for an auto and caught one and gone home? ( estimated cost: 50 bucks)

- my friends must be sniggering to themselves muttering under their breath" who cares about the slippers, I would chuck them and take the next bus home .. "

- worst case: called up a friend and asked him/her to pick u up from that place ..

- look around for a shop where u can buy an alternate pair of slippers ..

do i see some of you out there saying " yup, that would be a good idea" .. well she did exactly that . the problem was the nearest shop was a REEBOK showroom and she ended up buying a brand new sneakers worth around 5ooo bucks !!!! . My marketing profs keep preaching about impulsive buys and mind space, but this to me was mind boggling and outright stupid to say the least .. when I tried to talk sense into her ..she told me another incident which is

story 2

Have always heard from everyone who can speak that experience brings in loads of confidence to handle similar situations .. guess thats exactly what happened in her case..

she had a pretty decent day in office and towards the end of the day realized that the fly of her jeans was malfunctioning .. *stop laughing guyz, it is NOT funny*

(btw i must admit that i myself doubled over with laughter when i heard this) *grin*

Not to be outdone this time and armed with the proverbial experience of being in a 'similar' situation this time she does not even hesitate to make a quick exit from her office and hurries back ( home u think ?? nah .. ) .. she makes a beeline for the nearest Levi's store and gets herself a new pair of jeans worth 4K !!!

all things said and done money is supposed to be spent and it depends on the person on how he/SHE wants to spend it .. but i do wish to god that next time she is travelling in an auto, let the auto breakdown in front of a Merc showroom and there be no other transportation in the vicinity

ps: I always wanted to drive a Merc :) ..


Anphy said...

which company does she work for? they seem to pay her really well :D

Megha said...

welcome back raghav !!!

Waited for a looonnnnggg time to read a blog from u ... :)

arshat.chaudhary said...

Welcome back raghav..its been days dude..!!Raghav thinks, hence he blogs.. he blogs rarely nowadays =>??!!
Nice post mate..Good tht shes getting her Mba, with her taste, shes sure gonna need the moolah!

Rajarshi said...

long time no post! but it was almost worth the wait

Dipika said...

It also sucks pretty bad when the visa statement gets mailed to parents who scandalous consumption habits!

nithin ramachandran said...

AHem ./....Yeah come to think of it...the MERC might have been on the crds ahout bribing the auto guy to breakdown near a merc showroom in some desolate place....i guess thyre way outa the city usually :)

Awesome post man....was laughing my ass off !!!