Sunday, April 8, 2007

Much Ado about Nothing

Always knew I was never good with the one liners, but was under the impression that I could hold my own once it come s to a proper 'conversation', just wen u think things cant get any worse, fate conspires to take u down - way down !

I had been to Hyderabad this weekend, my sister graduated from ISB and is officialy an MBA grad now! (time for the pocket money to trickle in hopefully). Back to the point .. nope I was not overawed by the dazzling articulate grads at ISB but by a female whom I met at the airport.

She was there at the airport on Friday as well wen we were supposed to board the train err flight to Hyderabad. She was really in a hurry that day so .. *grin*

She was behind me in the check in counter in the Hyderabad airport.

me: hi, were u by any chance there in the Friday flight from blore ?

EB : yeah I was ..

we talk a little more and just as we were warming up to each other ..

Tring tring .. SANKAR calls asking me to come to the gate so that he can come inside ( we had bukd tickets together)

conversation breaks ... and then he comes, I introduce him,(he has more hair than she had !)

She is impressed by Sankar. (IBM and GRE and I suspect coz of his hair , or is it her lack of it ?). Time passes by and soon its time to board. We get in and I ditch Sankar and sit with her (had to continue the conversation rite!)

We talked about almost everything she was interested in : books, dance, singing and all that .. she cribbed about her TL ( I wanted to do the same, but restrained myself) she kept telling me Hyderabad is better than blore and her new room was painted 'sky blue' and that she slapped guys for time pass ( I shifted to the far end of my seat at this point of time)!

Well all said and done (read as HEARD) we reached Blore airport and I was waiting for her to at least hint about exchanging phone numbers (or mail ids) .. seeing things were not going to plan :

Me: how do u like the Moto Razr ? (hoping she would give me her number or at least get a hint)
her: My bro give me the phone as a gift, I don't like it very much though ! FULL STOP !
Me : err .. cool

I had to go pick up a pretty heavy suitcase that my sister gave me as her graduation gift to me (loads of USELESS buks) and as I wait for that gift I can see her walking away ... *sigh*

wait .. she turns back-comes towards us -looks at Sankar and smiles and asks him

her: " hope u had a nice flight and slept nicely "
Sankar: yeah, how did you know I was sleeping ?
Me : (he was sitting two rows in front of us , no way she could have seen him )
her : Oh, her voice trails off ..

she turns to me and says a perfunctory bye and whooosh .. shes GONE !

Later I found out that between all the drama (melodrama) I had taken the wrong 40 kilo suitcase and dragged my shoes all the way home .. The owner called me up and asked me to come bak to the airport (with the suitcase ofcourse) ...
Ego buster huh ... but not giving up on her though, have found her out on Orkut. next attack to be launched pretty soon *grin*


Ajith said...

" and that she slapped guys for time pass " == > Thats as bad as getting to know that a gal's father is in army :)

Flyaway Mind said...

hehee..funny it's not the end of the road for you..there is light(read orkut) at the end of the tunnel..rt?

raghav said...

@ajith: worse i think, considering the fact that its the girl we would be interracting with ( and not her 'Arnold luk alike' dad )

@flyaway mind: hope so .. will update once I see a light (read as scrap) from the other end of the tunnel ! :D

Thanku said...

Hope she is not reading this blog...Was planning to comment on her name...but later thought its cheap...

raghav said...

@thanku : ofcourse that would have been CHEAP ! she is not even reading my scraps (or mails) how would u expect her to read my blog !! (hope she is not reading this comment either *grin* )

XioniX said...

hmmmm... aiming for a promotion i c, that too a difficult one, from that of "Kanji -il paata" to hero in chief... all the best...

do check out if she has some 'interestin' frnz as well and send 'referrals' to ur 'interestin' frnz... :)

Bullshee said...

da da da da!!!!this is new information!! how old is she? send me her orkut prfile link...SOX reviews have to take place!!!