Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Me-Myself ( and Irene)

Have been reading a book : 'Blink' . am still reading it so cant say definitively as to what the author says, but from what I have read I inferred the following:

No matter how much we sit and analyse,think and break our head over an issue or problem, our own sub(un) conscious mind would have already SHOUTED out the solution within a blink of an eye. We just dont listen to what it says , maybe it sounds like Mr Suresh Kumars voice - a prof who had the privilege of teaching me during my college days (!).

Well If I were to somehow acquire the required expertise and cunningness using which I could decipher what my alter-ego yells at me, then I would be in a quandary. Have always believed in the dictum " do what you think is right" . Now things would get a bit difficult- which part of me do I listen to - my subconscious mind or my rational thinking, analytical Conscious brain?

lets take an eg:
I see a girl in the mall, whom I so badly want to hit on ( u might think i am really desperate, wel I am! )
my subconscious mind tells me : go for it buddy, after all she has eyes only for u !

my conscious mind says: look dude, she has eyes only for u - she is glowering at u ! she has a boyfriend who looks lik all that you are not - tall, handsome and more importantly has a 6ft 6'' frame. She has been on a shopping spree for the last 8 hours ( not good news for my wallet)

Which of these 'voices' would you like to hear ? The one that gets you beaten up, bruised,bankrupt and running for cover. Or the one that gives u the sensible option, a boring time at the mall and err some more boring hours afterwards!

I would prefer both .. atleast I get to make a choice, next time I say " abe, she looked at me, chal follow karte hain .. listen its not the quixotic valentine inside me thats doing the talking, its my subconscious brain!!"

Well everyone is here to make a difference, to do something unique. Irrespective of which voice we listen to, we will end up on a fork on the road and will have to make a choice ( la Matrix) .. just be sure that you dont mess up at that time ..
still in doubt?? well I have a solution for that also : " when in doubt, act DUMB"


Keshi said...

hehe Raghav :)


nasia said...

finish the book.. soon..
and lend it to me:-)

XioniX said...

ahh yes!!! the choice... strange thing isnt it??? when you have it, you wish u had only one road to go
And when you have only one road, you get suffocated.

I like the question put forward here though. When you have to choose b/w what common sense tells you and what your heart/(sub conscious mind) says, what do you choose?

More importantly, is one of them always rite? If so, which one?

Ajith said...

" I see a girl in the mall, whom I so badly want to hit on ( u might think i am really desperate, wel I am! )" --- I liked that honest admission :D

Thanku said...

No Comments...when a conflict comes between heart and brain(I think you also meant the difference of opinion of heart and brain) I ask opinion to one whom I think can give the best solution... and go with his brain..and not his heart..

raghav said...

@keshi : glad that I could tickle ur funny bones ..:)

@nasia : sure madam, once I am done 'Blink" is all yours, might take a lot of time though considering the fact that I tend to procrastinate a lot

@xionix: dont think there is a right path .. if there was, we would already know which one to tread ( the wrong one ) *grin*

@ajith : hmm .. learn and adapt dude .. every exNITCian is Desperate!

@thanku : how do u know which person would give you the best answer? again do u listen to your heart or to ur brain ?

akhil said...

don't know about choices and you're sure.
know about choices, and you've to PICK!

and, now you gave my brain choices for choices to pick. :D

Princess Banter said...

I vouch for that theory on acting dumb. Seriously, the more you act dumb, the more you will learn about some people -- on how they react towards you and such. And quite surprisingly, you may learn a little bit more than what you've previously known!

As for the little devil and angel residing on your shoulders, I say give some valium to one and a good beating to the other one. Which one you ask? Pick!!! :P

Bullshee said...

dude!you know with this particular example, the 6ft 6inch framed boyfriend always has an effect on us!how many girls have we hit on since we got to bangalore 10 months ago??!!how many!!?

raghav said...

@akhil : very true, i agree choices can be a pain at times.

@princess: yeah wil keep in mind to buy valium wen i go to the medical store next time !

@bullshee: yeah yeah I know *ssshhh* you are not supposed to heap public humiliation on me dude ! *grin* well in case it was not a rhetorical question the answer is ZILCH, nada !

jo said...

" when in doubt, act DUMB"
good one!

Mumbai Guy said...

We have voices all around us all the time but I would say it all boils down to what you did at the deciding moment.

Finish reading that book and maybe then you will have different opinion.

Thanks for visiting my part of the blog.

mathew said...

mm..some very good ideas...Blink was a nice book..that it suggested us to alternate our idea of how to think..and how we think..

But its like saying..Ur heart says something..and ur brain says something else..

Cuckoo said...

I see a girl in the mall, whom I so badly want to hit on ( u might think i am really desperate, wel I am! ) I liked your honesty. :)

Yeah, difficult to decide which path to take. It happens with we girls also. That was the honest confession :P

Heyy Thanks for dropping by my blog. Should see more of you. :)

Rajarshi said...

haha! nice post!
would you be interested in crosslinking blogs?

broadwaybabe said...

your title reminds me of that song "come on irene"

CM-Chap said...

Hi Dude..Nice blog.. Nice book to.. you know these days there is a concept called Blink Test too in S/W..May be this book is the reason behind.

raghav said...

@jo: try implementing the dictum and you will know how useful it can be!

@mumbai guy: i totally agree. It what we do at that particular moment, but who (or which voice decides) what we do at that moment! *grin*
yeah, read the book... hope I also start getting that 'gut instinct' soon!

@mathew: yeah, invariably heart and the brain seem to disagree on most things that are not trivial ! :D

@cuckoo: 'girls feel the same way' OMG .. next time I go to the mall I will keep that in mind.

@rajarshi: thanks .. have linked you!

@broadwaybabe: hmm .. no comments .. have not heard tat song, have seen the movie though ! (with the same name)

@cm-chap : the book is (in)famous ..*grin* .. seriously.. the books pretty good, and the author has the 'tipping point' fame speaking for him. No wonder they have a Blink test .

Ajith said...

@raghav -- Your batch was better I suppose...Still u ended up like a usual desp-NITCian :) ?

dolly said...

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Shruti said...

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