Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Curtains will soon be drawn on the world cup, where everyone expected it to be a 'grand finale', there are more than enough pointers to indicate that this would be yet another 'we came-we saw- we won' world cup for the australians. you ask me what pointers?? here goes:

1. The ardent and irrepressible Cricket fans have gone silent, SetMax has been all but tuned out. My roomies prefer watching Mallu serials and Discovery channel to sitting and watching (yet another) annihilation by the aussies or for that matter seeing 'India glorious' on ESPN. (tired of seeing the same matches over and over again! did India win only these many matches??)

2. The sports page in Papers is filled with some golfing exploits of an ethnic african whose great grand father was an Indian ( we indians have a tendency to tag anyone worthwhile as Indian, if we can ie)

3. The ads in between overs (yeah we do watch the matches sometimes) are pathetic. Seen the BINGO ads anyone ?? (vaaango -poooongo-bingo!) *aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh*

4. My roomie discussses 'globalization' and 'quota issues' over dinner (yeah I know its not relevant .. but couldnt help it) *grin*

5. There is a sense of respect for the Bangladesh team all of a sudden. they are Minnows no more .. wait maybe we could reclassify Indians in that case .. how about 'whipping boys' of world cricket?

Wait, I sound like some delusioned fan who is venting his anger just because of the one-off defeat at the hands of Bangladesh. hmm . maybe I am .. and yes it hurts hurts to see an 'island' thats maybe 1/50 the size of India and is also split in half by the LTTE producing such sublime cricketers and entering the world cup final, whereas the BCCI convenes a 'meeting' and decides to sack the coach (wat can he do ? teach those superstars how to hold a bat?) and 'rest' the senior players and prepare for the enormous 'battle' against Bangladesh. Sad .. real sad.

All things said and done, have to admit there would be more viewership to the India-Bangladesh match (if its shown on DD) than for the world cup final ! Thats Indian fans my friends .. yeah thats US (yup I am one of 'em allrite)

Afterthought: all the best to South Africa and if that doesnt work - to Sri lanka ..cmon make a fist of it .. make me eat 'humble pie' .. well everyone cheers for the Underdogs, dont we!


gunj said...

well m not really a cricket enthusiast n m really happy i dint hav to fight for d remote all month!![:d]
but it was definitely sad to see dat d only sports which we put soo much money n soul into dint match up to our expectations!!
m sure had we spent evn half of it on sme other sports...d losses wudnt have been so huge!!

nasia said...

CRICKET fanatic..
nice one..

Keshi said...

SL vs Aus...who do I support!!!!!????? :(


Bullshee said...

well it sucks!we all know....but somehow i enjoy hearing our 'roomate' ranting on globilisation!If India got through to the Super Eight, we wouldve had to spend 3 more weeks listening to Sankaran's boring statistics he insists on telling everyone!!

sugu said...
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Anonymous said...


did Shankaran's supporting have the same catastrophic effect as in the FIFA world cup... V will need to publish this stuff in the newspapers then

mathew said...

couldnt agree with you more..someone got to pay for it!!

raghav said...

@gunj: not fighting for the remote ? dont tell me you have a younger brother at home .. *grin*

@nasia : fanatic, YES.. heretic NO ! Watever!

@keshi : support .. u can support Aus .. patriotism comes first than 'underdogism' !

@bullshee: i think sankar's futball world cup 'i-support-you-lose' syndrome was at work here also.. have to investigate this thoroughly

@anonymous: yeah i think so, if found guilty there would be a post soon .. keep watching

@mathew: someone needs to pay .. err . *scratches his head* .. yeah i think WE are the ones who will pay .. more tantrums, more gossips .. and more defeats .. god save ME!!

fling said...

well.. SA is out. so its Aus n Lanka. im not really an avid cricket watcher (n hate reading about our defeat too) but ur post was fun reading. n im really surprised with the way bangladeshis played (who isnt). guess we indians should learn something from them!

megha said...

cricket matters aside- U DONT LIKE THE BINGO ADS!!!! vaango pongo is ok.. but flamingo-bingo is cool.. the jango-bingo is hilarious nd the glad bangles-mad angles one is my fav..'meri jamaaibilli bhi mujhse bhaagthi thi'..genius!!! :>

XioniX said...

hey dude... many many many congrats ... u deserve it man... :)