Monday, February 26, 2007

Carling cup .. Chelsea wins !!

A software professional luks forward to very few things in life .. 1. Salary hikes 2. Year end Bonuses 3. Public Holidays 4. WEEKENDS .. (well this consensus has been taken from ppl who cud be categorized in the 'i hate to work but luv the paycheck' kind .. )

My education at NIT calicut has taught me many things .. miniature fonts to inculcate the whole syllabus in a piece of paper, work distribution( read as copy the assignments .. ) , proxy 'settings' (u do mine today .. i will do urs tomm .. ) .. but all this leads to the bigger picture .. SHIRK work .. i have to admit I am not the best at 'shirking' work .. my roomie is (Manjeri.. ) I am still learning the art from the maestro .. *grin*

enuf of the ramblings .. well we were (as usual) luking forward to yet another weekend of nothingness, laziness and yes of course - the CARLING cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal .. (these matches have a special significance at our abode coz Sharat is a 'die-hard' Arsenal fan and I am a ' not so die-hard' Chelsea fan ..

but to spoil the whole build-up, the Electricity board decides to do some maintanence work on THIS very Sunday .. and we are left in the 'dark' for the whole day .. we tried to 'kill' time .. play cricket, go to corner house (to see the birds) .. came bak home at 7 .. (the expected time for the game to start . )
no flickering lights .. no street lights even .. this power failure was getting under the skin. We decided to have dinner in a place where we could watch the match .. and off we went to all pausible and plausible places .. either no current .. or no cable .. we even tried the TATA sky showroom (to do some 'window fuball watching' .. but there it seems there is no Zee sports .. :(

we had almost given up hope .. wen suddenly the whole 'airport road' was illuminated .. and voila 'there was light' .. the first half was already over ... with the score .. 1-1 .. (drogba for chelsea and walcott for arsenal .. )

Once you reach a much sought after summit .. u kinda lose interest in that thing .. or suddenly it does not mean that much to u anymore .. (ever felt lik that ?? ) .. but no .. this time ..every minute was nerve-wrecking .. and exciting ... well to cut the long story short .. CHELSEA won ..2-1 .. (what else did u expect .. I wud not be blogging abt this otherwise ..*grin*!!)

Afterthought : Arsenal has some great talent coming up .. but lets hope they dont spoil the chelsea applecart anytime soon .. *fingers crossed* ..


priyanka said...

ha ha ..i know all abt ur small n minisculepieces of paper!!..n bouy!! i used to be so jealous!!..

njoy chelsea wins..till it keeps winning..!!

raghav said...

hmm .. jealous huh .. it was a matter of survival for us .. u were in another realm .. so why the hell were u jealous :P

and yeah chelsea will keep winnin ...*fingers crossed*

Thanku said...

Hey our interest reached the peak because of the power forgot to mention terry's injury ..heheh..nice one