Monday, February 19, 2007

Blood(y) diamonds

Well the past few days I have been pretty busy with preparation for my interviews .. I think I have learnt (read as by hearted) more abt EEE during these days than i did during 4 years in colg ..(but the profs always find a way to screw me up ..i guess thats wat a management degree can do to u ...) anyway i am digressing from the point ... well I decided enuf is enuf! lets go watch a movie ..
and before I knew whats happ .. I was in PVR buying tickets for the movie BLOOD DIAMONDS ..

Well i must admit that I was genuinely surprised (jealous) to see so many couples thronging the place to see this movie, wen there were so many 'boy meets girl-fall in love-parents fight-boy doesnt relent-hogi pyaar ki jeet ' kinda movies there .. Once the movie started the reasons were staring at me from the tinsel screen .. but more on that later ..

Well for people who have not seen the movie its abt illegal diamond trade (a very profitable business) and all the bigwigs in nexus to keep that trade route going, which requires them to indirectly create a civil war in Sierra leone .. has some pretty gory scenes .. (which i njoyed!! *grin) but all in all a Must watch movie ..
well back to the movie .. at a certain point of time in the movie, DiCaprio says " its people like the star eyed American woman who wants a diamond necklace for her wedding (and her subsequent aniversaries also !!) that creates a market for these diamonds " --- and that is the time when one amongst them .. (them = all the guys who had dilligently brought their girl friends along) decided to stand and state, " the next time you ask me for a diamond ring, I am goin to have to kill u" .. the whole crowd is amused and a lot of giggles all around..

spare a thought for that guy ... for all the bravado, he might have just shot himself on the foot .. forget the blood diamonds buddy .. one thing is for sure .. you will have a 'bloody nose' by the time you get home .. *grin*

So all guys who are not 'single' , hope you get the msg .. (coz i did not) and if not .. do go and watch the movie .. (for obvious reasons .. ) .. and for all the guys who are single, go watch the movie .. (the girls i mean !!) .. njoy !!

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