Monday, May 26, 2008

London Diaries

the month that was:

Well I have been waiting in the wings for a perfect moment to happen but so many things have happened which have fallen in the category of 'almost perfect' .. and I am not ready to wait no more ( to be read as: I am not getting sleep)

So here goes the list of .... random things that happened in the last one month:

1. Chelsea losing the champions league final and also the league to ManU. Somehow I have a feeling that missed penalty is going to change a lot of things at Chelsea.

2. Getting to see a live photo shoot, and that also I suspect it was some lingerie modeling, was too good to be true. It happened right across my office ( my office is on the 13th floor) and it all seemed surreal.. until later in the day i came to know that my team mates had a telescope installed on the 14th floor for their 'viewing pleasure' !

3. Seeing an ad which said 125 pounds per week to stay in central London.. yeah yeah I am not dreaming. I saw it .. and I diligently took down the number and was about to call when I realized it was for a car parking space! .. people pay 10,000 bucks per week to park their car .. to quote a good friend of mine " I could buy a Maruti 800 in two weeks with that money" - no dont ask me which model!

4. Getting hooked up with a European girl .well this bubble burst pretty quickly . she had another boyfriend .. and more importantly she was 30! ( well in my defense she did not look that old)

5. Shopping: After shopping for one week in central London ( window shopping, they just wouldnt allow me inside in my attire) we landed up at Oxford street where you could haggle and get things cheaper and see discounts being given in every alternate shop , and surprise surprise .. either all teh shops are owned by Indians .. or the goods sold are made in India ( or sri Lanka, or taiwan . or yeah China) ..

6. The secretary got stuck in the lobby and I rescued her with my mmm .. ID card .. but the look on her face was priceless .. ( for those who don't know the story behind this, ping me for personal details .. )

7. Chelsea football club: Went and visited the Stamford Bridge and took loads and loads of photographs :) .. but the megastore was too pricey to buy anything ... :(

well will continue this thread later .. gotta go back to sleep .. have a big day tomorrow.


Mukul said...

hmm... having loads of fun it seems... but next time dont forget to take photographs through the telescope on 14th floor.. i want to see it too..

nasia said...

30 years old!! ninakithu venam..

itzme said...

telescope installed!!!..what a relex?!;)..and the 30 year old woman:))..that was a laugh:D:D

Anonymous said...

da so u too have the kunji spirit?
if girl age <5 or age >55
i look

arshat.chaudhary said...

Lingerie? man, i gotta study, get into iim :P

Hari said...

"Getting hooked up with a European girl .well this bubble burst pretty quickly"
Wow! Lucky you!! I'd die to be in your position. So what if the 'bubble' burst? :P

Nice blog! And yeah, a long-belated comment. :D

Wish you a happy time in London. And yea, do write more stuff... :-)

Sriram said...

hi there.. great blog you've got! came across from hari's blog (dont ask me how.. a string of links).
Bookmarking :)