Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Why Do people BLOG?

All these days I had a pretty nasty feeling that someday i might actually start feelin bad about sitting and lazing around in office .. normally i just sit stil and let that moment of rashness pass (ie the sudden impulse to Do sumthing!!)
Ever heard of Murphy .. he was one smartass who had a knack for stating the obvious .. who doesnt know that the toast always falls the butterred side down .. (in my case its always rite .. considering i butter both sides .. :)

Well if u think i am riting this piece so that it will help me in some(obscure) way to wash away all the guilt that keeps gnawing at my conscience coz i use the office resources(!) for all the wrong purposes .. then u came to the WRONG conclusion ..

dont want to get rid of my guilt .. coz thats the only thing that keeps my conscience from goin to sleep . . ;)
I njoy doin nothin at work .. in fact i even luk forward to it, but dont know how ppl manage doin nothin and sittin alone and brooding abt everything and anythin under the moon (watever)!

anyway .. gotta go now .. i think my manager wants me fr his *let ur frustration out, shout at some1* therapy ..
will complete this one later .. procrastination is not an evil .. its just a 'must have' skill !

njoy .

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nasia said...

I m reading this one late.. sorry..
Anyway.. I hate myself being a procastinator.. Feel better reading it, its a skill,alright