Sunday, December 10, 2006

My life in blore has been pretty short and very much boring to say the least .. but i can always put that down to abstaining from "FUN" till the D-Day .. (wat else .. CAT 2006) .. and after that i found out to my dismay that i was so much caught up with this abstinence that i was findin hard to snap out of it .. but al gud things must come to an end .. *sigh*
As a part of the 'snapping out' i decided to join the nearest gym and get bak in shape (and NOT get in shape) ..
hmm .. the hard part of getting bak in shape is just that .. it is pretty HARD !!! :(
The Gym instructor recognized me at once .. I had already suffered similar bouts of impulsive desires b4 and had rushed to the very same Gym and got myself enrolled .. but never bothered to show up .. nt that he was complainin .. but his tone dripped of sarcasm wen he asked ..
G.I : are u seriously goin to come this time ?

me: I am always serious!

G.I: ok ..u can start tomm morning .. (i think he was already betting on his house that i was not goin to come ..)

I decided to prove that bloke wrong.. and this time i even woke up in the morning .. courtesy the multiple alarms that i had activated last nite .. but ..
with the chilly breeze in the morning and my eyelids weighing a TON i gave up a bit too easily and slept off till afternoon ( if u can cal 4 afternoon ie )...*grin*

To give myself a sense of 'there is nothin wrong is procrastination' feeling ... i have decided to follow the following rules :

1. dont listen to ur brain,it doesnt listen to u .. so why bother !!
2. Think twice b4 doin anythin .. chances are u mite find a way of not doin anythin and still solving the problem.
3. If that doesnt work .. stop thinkin abt it!
4. wen there is somthin important at office-stay at home!! (and vice versa)
5. Wen none of this works . . its high time u modify the 'rulz' list !

Rite now the only thing thats eating my brains is .. how do i get past the gym instructor !! i think its time to scoot .. catch ya later ..


XioniX said...

hey dude...

din kno u had a blog... jus read this... pretty hilarious... keep up the good work...

pinne ...ethu gym aanu join cheythathu??? din realise u had an instructor at motorola...

raghav said...

yeah we have an instructor at Moto .. but the guy keeps chasing me out .. coz i am ful time inside the snooker room .. *grin* was talking abt the one on Airport road